About Us

We are proud to produce quality product that is both vegan and eco-friendly.

Our soy-based inks are made from oil extracted from soya beans that are then mixed with other environmentally friendly compounds like waxes and resins. These are excellent alternatives to oil-based or petroleum-based inks and delivers brighter, more vibrant colors. Using soy-based ink for screen printing releases less than five per cent volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which reduces the amount of air pollutants released in the workspace which protects not only the staff but the environment as well. Let’s not forget it is 100% cruelty free and contains zero animal products unlike traditional inks often used by the industry.

Innovated designs

 With classic designs as well as fun spinoffs inspired by the streets Veganos Locos creates apparel you’ll love, so you can focus on looking fly while representing the vegan lifestyle.  

From word play humor to making a difference in the lives of innocent animals.


One day while surfing the web for local farm sanctuaries to visit with family my son said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could donate regularly to help the animals?”. As we brainstormed, we realized our brand Veganos Locos had that potential. Having sold designs like “Sin Carne Carnal” and "Por Vida" exclusively through Amazon with great success and feedback since 2017 we figured we could use it to our advantage. This lead us to pull Veganos Locos from Amazon in order to grow the brand and move us towards more frequent donations. Now that we have officially cut the middle man, our mission is simple, have fun making Vegan inspired apparel while keeping the animals in our hearts, while looking firme AF.  We will be sharing our contributions via our website and or Instagram, we have huge aspirations and are looking forward to what is to come.


-Veganos Locos-